Executive/Key Persons

Protect, Retain and Reward your Most Valuable Employees

You've built a successful business with a team of truly valuable employees. A major key to long term success is keeping those that helped you along the way. At Great Bay Insurance, we can help you develop plans to keep them feeling valued, happy and protected.

Executive Benefits Are Often Better Than More Pay

When it comes to keeping valuable employees and executives happy with their current role, many surveys show that increased benefits are often more desired than just salary increases and bonuses. While everyone appreciates the extra pay, many employees will choose enhanced benefits if given the opportunity because they see more value in the benefits when it comes to their own financial plans. Through the right strategy, Great Bay Insurance can assist any business looking to retain employees. We have the expertise to address your unique business that will keep your team happy and productive.

Key Person Protection to Keep Your Business Moving in the Right Direction

Does your business have a plan to address the sudden loss of an employee or executive that is vital to your business operation? Key Person Life Insurance and Disability coverage can make sure that your business is not upended by a sudden loss of an employees day to day contribution to your company. Great Insurance can help bring clarity to who are your most valuable employees as well as the costs that can be associated with their sudden absence. With this information at hand, we can help custom tailor a plan that keeps your business moving at a low cost you can manage.

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