Business Owners

Make Your Business Work for You

As a business owner or entrepreneur, you work hard to make your business successful for you, your employees and your customers. At Great Bay Insurance, we help business owners make their hard work pay off for them for the long term. From retirement planning, to business succession planning , to maximizing profit in the face of ever changing tax policies, we can design plans that put you in control of your future and the future of your business.

Retirement Planning for Business Owners

Building a business to be profitable is often the primary focus for an entrepreneur. Often times, the viability of the business takes precedent over other life goals such as retirement planning. Great Bay Insurance advisors can help you find the right retirement plan that makes sense for the current state of your business and take advantage of current tax advantaged plans such as IRAs, Simple IRAs and Cash Value Life Insurance. If you're looking to make sure your retirement plan is right for you, we can help.

Business Succession Planning

You've built a successful business through hard work and dedication. An often overlooked part of owning a business is planning a goal-oriented succession plan or exit strategy that puts you in the drivers seat. The primary goals in business succession planning are to design a profitable exit strategy and to make sure there is a plan for events that could impact the business, such as a major illness or even death of the owner. In either situation, Great Bay Insurance helps business owners determine the best strategy to make sure that the business can be continued successfully, either through a successful transfer of the business or funding that can help the owner make it through the illness.

Maximizing Profit as Your Business Grows

As your business grows and becomes more profitable, most business owners look to diversify their assets from the business to support other goals. Most owners will turn to retirement planning, living out their dreams, or even starting an additional business. From business valuation to buy-sell agreements and beyond, Great Bay Insurance can help you determine the best ways to maximize the success of your business now and in the future.

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